❓Why it Pays to Pay Premiums❓

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

"When we have a dream, we don't only dream for ourselves, but we also dream for the people we love." This is why I maintain a couple of Sun Life policies, each serving its own purpose. One is for my RETIREMENT FUND. So I will be able to enjoy my golden years without worrying about how to survive. Two are for my HEALTH FUND. So I don't have to worry about health expenses when I become gravely ill. I will also not be a burden to my family. Two are to make my siblings MILLIONAIRES. My dream of being a millionaire extends to them because they are one of my inspirations for doing my best to succeed. I want to give them the best kind of life possible. And the last one is for my TRAVEL FUND. I believe that one day I'll be able to fly to places I've never been, to explore the best things the world has to offer. Having an Insurance Plan is not just an obligation to pay a bill, but a commitment to pursue dreams not only for us but for the people who matter. It also gives us that 'peace of mind' that we need to prepare us for whatever challenges life may bring.

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