Ways Kickex can Give You a Passive Income! Earn 5 KICK tokens as a head start!

Special welcome bonus! Register and Get 5 KICK! What is KickEX? Advanced-trading digital asset exchange that takes bank-grade approach to architecture and security and features unique trading instruments such as robust customisable orders paired with order constructor. CASHBACK ON ALL TRADES Earn liquid KEX tokens based on your trading volumes. The more you trade, the more tokens you receive. THE LOWEST TRADING FEES ON THE MARKET Basic maker/taker fees are: 0.90%/0.90% Reduce trading fees to almost 0% thanks to the loyalty program. SMART ORDERS Trade like a pro using smart orders wizard, trailing stop and double stop. Automate your trading experience by setting advanced trailing and double stops with a simple tool. Find out more at kickex.com KickEX exchange is LIVE! Discover the easy way to trade crypto like a pro with smart orders, fee discounts, and cashback for all trades. Enjoy your first experience on Demo, learn the orders, and trade for real. KickEX Referral Program is super easy: just share your link & earn! Invite users to KickEX by sharing your personal link. Each trading fee paid by the referred users on KickEX will produce a corresponding reward for you based on the referral level. 01 - SHARE YOUR LINK Share your link via messengers and social medias, post it on forums or create content — anything works! 02 - WATCH YOUR NETWORK GROW All users enrolled via your link become your direct referrals, and all users that they refer become your referrals of the next levels down to 10th level 03 - EARN Get additional KickTokens for 1st level referrals. Make money from their activity: KickEX Exchange shares up to 50% of the profits WITH YOU!

How much can you earn with KickEX Referral Program? Take a look at these 3 cases and find out your earning potential with KickEX: Case 1 2 traders invited + 50 on 2nd level Your passive income: $200 monthly If you refer just 2 active traders and both of them invites at least 50 traders and each pays $20 in fees monthly. Case 2 50 traders, 1-2 referrers down to 10th level Your passive income: $1,800 monthly If you refer 50 active traders and every 2nd of them invites at least 3 traders and each pays $20 in fees monthly, it results in more than 5,000 users in your network. Case 3 100 traders +2 down to 10th level Your passive income: $18,000 monthly If you refer 100 active traders and each of them invites at least 2 traders and each pays $20 in fees monthly, it results in more than 100,000 users in your network! *These are just a few examples, meant to serve as an outline. Final earnings depend on the activity of your referrals. Get your personal link and start earning! We made it easy for you and prepared the promo materials to help you build a strong network. You’ll also get a special welcome bonus if you register now.

💠 Reward: 5 KICK Tokens

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