Sun Senior Care

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Sun Senior Care is a health protection solution dedicated to the well-loved part of our families. Here are the benefits you could give to your future old self or to your beloved parents. PREVENTION 😊 access to Sun Life's wellness program, access to health and wellness information - Go Well DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT & REHABILITATION ❤️ coverage equivalent to 150% of the plan's face amount when diagnosed with one of 17 conditions SPECIAL BENEFIT 🏥 additional one-time cash benefit of 5% of the plan's face amount when the insured needs to undergo one of 4 covered surgeries/conditions OTHER BENEFITS 🛡️ life insurance coverage until age 100 💰 access to savings thru non-guaranteed yearly dividends upon completion of payment 🚨 can take a partial loan during emergencies from the policy's guaranteed cash value




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