Sun Fit and Well

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Sun Fit and Well Advantage 10 is the most comprehensive health protection solution in the industry that provides the following benefits below:

PREVENTION: 😊 access to Sun Life's wellness program - Gowell with discounts to partner merchants, facilities and can also earn loyalty rewards points that can be redeemed for wellness items DIAGNOSIS: ❤️ coverage for 64 major critical illness (can claim 100% of the insurance coverage amount) OR ❤️ coverage for 34 minor critical illness (can claim up to 20% of the insurance coverage amount) ❤️ coverage for 16 cancer conditions (major or minor), providing an additional 50% benefit TREATMENT: 🏥 daily hospital income benefit on top of insurance coverage in the event of hospitalization due to a major or minor critical illness (min. of 3 days) 👨‍⚕️ post hospitalization benefit fixed amount of P 5,000.00 that can be claimed following hospital discharge due to major or minor critical illness REHABILITATION: 🏠 home recovery benefit equivalent to half of daily hospital income benefit 💊 pallative care benefit equivalent of additional 10% benefit in the event that the insured got terminally ill (less than 6 months to live OTHERS: 🛡️ life insurance coverage up to age 100 ↔️ fixed premium amount 💳 can do a partial loan in case of emergency thru the policy's guaranteed cash value 💰 special paid up bonus upon completion of paying years 💰 non-guaranteed dividends yearly 2 years after the completion of paying years 📆 endowment benefit equivalent to 5% of insurance coverage from age 65 to 72 (deducted from the policy's insurance amount) Please see above illustration and premium rates for Sun Fit and Well Advantage 10. Loved the benefits? Click 'Apply Now!' to get started!


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