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Updated: Nov 18

Hi to everyone who would get a chance to read this.

Would just like to take time and give feedback on Sir Nikko Tigas’ service.

He’s an exceptional financial advisor.

He takes time for his clients to better understand their plans.

He explains everything in detail ensuring that we have it understood.

He goes above and beyond what is required and expected of a financial advisor to perform.

He regularly sends out emails, reminders and keeps us well aware and updated of what’s happening with our plans, helping us be on track with everything.

Not only that, he even provides suggestions and gives you a fresh perspective on how well you can better understand Sun Life’s services.

Indeed a great role model. I'm honored to be one of his clients.

This may sound exaggerated but it really is, so Sir Nikko’s concern, care, and understanding of us, not for his benefits but for his clients’ betterment.

Hoping for more financial advisors or even normal people like us to be like him.

Thank you so much, Sir Nikko!

- From One of our Valued Policyholders


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