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[BY POPULAR DEMAND!] : Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Binance but Were Afraid to Ask

Binance gets more popular as time goes by and we kept on being asked how to get started. Now, our most comprehensive video yet. Learn the basics of Binance here! We broke this down into chapters to help you find the tutorial for the topic you may need. Click the gear icon ⚙️ to view subtitles. ☑️ 0:00-0:59 Introduction ☑️ 1:00-8:44 Binance Overview and Buy Crypto ☑️ 8:45-15:37 Markets ☑️ 15:37-16:37 Trading ☑️ 16:38-21:56 Savings ☑️ 21:57-28:30 Staking ☑️ 28:31- 36:44 Binance Liquid Swap ☑️